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About Me

My Background

*Born in New York, raised in the Midwest

*Always had a crayon or pencil in my hand

*Doodled on my papers and homework

*Dreamed outside on the roof, in the trees, in the woods

*Knox College, University of Singapore, Yale  and lols of places since

*Best job I ever had---teaching children Art

*Santa Fe workshops, Anchor Graphics, Scotland,  OxBow & more

*Midwest Collage Society, CAVA, DGAG, NAG & NAL

*Press in my basement

*Stuff scattered all around the house

*Patient family that puts up with me

My Media

I can't make up my mind if I am a painter (of dinosaurs and landscapes), or a collage artist, or a sketcher, or an etcher or what.  It's just that whatever medium I work in has endless possibilities and I run with them until the season changes or some new idea grabs hold of me.  Then I chase after that.  I may be like the dog in UP that  sees a squirrel and loses all sense.  Whatever it is I'm chasing though, doing Art make me see the world through different eyes, and it is beautiful!

My Inspiration

Myths, stories, legends and worlds visible and invisible invite my imagination to come outside and play.   Recently I have been exploring collage and mixed media techniques that transform papers and pages from old books and magazines. I work with papers that I have gessoed, sanded, crumpled, painted or altered in other ways. These processes of building up and tearing down connect to the processes of geologic time and forces that alter our earth. Layering all these things together is a continual discovery suggesting things real and imagined, and makes me a participant in the creative process of the Universe. 

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Nancy Staszak -- Independent Artist